Monday 13 February 2012

Please Stop This Insult

Please Stop This Insult


Dear Mr. Salman Khursheed, Salam Aleikum. It is too much now. You have dug a new low for politics. Your adamant approach, your high headedness, your arrogance and rigidity has damaged dignity of Election Commission of India, which is no doubt best Election Body of the word. All in name of Muslims. It is an insult, not just of Muslims of this nation but all of their fellow nationals.

Your unwanted dig into pot hole of unsavory controversy created around Batla house is hurting, your statement is hurting for morale of our policeman, morale of Muslims and morale of whole of the nation. You are not just  Salman Khursheed but Law Minister of India, bringing name of this position in direct confrontation with Institutional Body, Police and National sentiment, you have lowered reputation of the position. It is too much, it cannot be tolerated any further, insult is to agonizing, pain is too severe and damage is too heavy.

Please stop, stop please. Please note, at least I as a proud Muslim of my motherland India do not recognize you as representative of Muslims, I do not take you as an ambassador of government or congress to the Muslim of this nation, I as a Muslim, place this on record, that, none of your word uttered during last about two months as Muslim or a leader in the name of Muslims carry my voice, which may be insignificant for you but is not for me. Please stop this. Apologize to Election Commission in no uncertain way, apologise to the Society and the Nation, apologize to the Muslims of this nation, apologise to your own self  whose otherwise quite high reputation is badly sullied, I put this also on record, that, I had high regard for you).

Same is the request to all others trapped in this web of Muslim centric (causing irreparable damage) debate having hijacked all debate space and diverted nation's attention. Please start talking Health, Education, Safety, Security, Agriculture, Industry, Trade, Road, Energy, Water, Sports, Art, Literature, Culture, Nation's pride and human dignity. Muslims shall be benefited through all of above.

 Dear media, please listen to our pain and anguish. Do not provide space to such anti-national indulgence. Please do not look for temporary TRP and care for long term gain, nation's gain is your gain. See, where two or few people, high or low, strong or week of this or that colour  or political lineage are thinking and debating development and other real issues as above , bring  them and that to the centre stage of the nation's attention.

 Hope, Mr. Khursheed and his likes shall listen, hope media shall listen. Insha-Allah Ameen.

Would someone help forwarding this to Dear Mr. Salman Khursheed and to wider space.

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